Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America:  Civil War is the type of of movie that entertained me as I watched it, but as soon as the credits rolled I struggled to understand what it was I just saw.  If a bunch of superheroes had fought and almost died together, is it likely that the first disagreement they had would cause them to start punching each other in a herculean battle?  This makes no sense, because sensible adults in the real world would try to hash out their differences and come to a compromise.  But it does make for entertaining movie because we get to see the different super powers go head to head.

To say that this is a "busy" film is an understatement.  There are so many factions wanting to hurt or control each other that it made my head spin.  The story is so complex I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it.  It jumps between so many countries and and so many people that you need a map to keep up.

Does the film make sense?  Not entirely.  But it is a little more intelligent and definitely more entertaining than the average superhero movie.  Just don't think too hard as you watch it; it will spoil the fun.

Rating:  B+

The movie should have been called "Avengers 3", because the movie is really about all the Avengers.  I assume that the title has something to do with marketing.

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