Wednesday, April 10, 2019

American Sniper

The world as we know it today is an unstable place.  There are people whose interests are completely contrarian to our own:  Their beliefs are irreconcilable with ours.  The events of 9-11 showed beyond any doubt that there are people who want to hurt us.  As long as this situation continues, there will be war of one sort or another.  International politics and the war on terror are complex with no easy solutions.  Our role in combating terror has been controversial, as some people have wondered if we really needed to go to Iraq?  Regardless, we went there and put our soldiers in harm's way to fight a fight that we thought was worth fighting. 

Our soldiers are from an all-volunteer military.  These people chose to be soldiers.  Some of these people didn't come back.  Some came back damaged, physically or mentally.  There is another word for people like this:  Heroes.  So it seems extremely appropriate that a movie should be made about one of these heroes, Chris Kyle, who was the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.  The movie is based upon his book, American Sniper, and is directed by the 84-year-old Clint Eastwood.

This movie is much more than just an intense well acted dramatic biography of Chris Kyle.  It is the story of all who fought.  It is also, in part, our story.  We as a nation have suffered from the terrible attacks of 9-11.  We as a nation chose to fight and endure the consequences of the wars that followed.  Chris Kyle was a perfect reflection of the values of the America that he came from.  He was also a man of deep conviction.  Heroes always are.

Rating:  A

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