Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr. 3000

The late Bernie Mac plays a selfish narcissistic ex baseball player, nicknamed Mr. 3000, who on the eve of his indoctrination into the Baseball Hall of Fame, is told that his record of 3,000 hits had been miscalculated, and that he only scored 2,997 hits.  With his reputation at risk, he reenters the game to try to score 3 more hits, which might be difficult because he has gotten too old and too out of shape to be a serious baseball player.

The problem with watching any movie where the main character is self centered, is that it is hard empathize with that character.  In a movie like this there needs to be some sort of redemption of that character, and fortunately there is.  

The story, honestly, feels barely adequate, but I like the way the movie ends so I am recommending it.

Rating: * * * 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Robin Williams Inside the Actors Studio Part 6

This is the best 9 minutes of the 90 minute Robin Williams interview I posted last year: