Friday, July 12, 2013

RE: Amazon Prime?

It seems to me that mostly what is free is TV shows, and not all of them are free.  They want to charge for some of them.  I have seen a limited selection of movies, but their service doesn’t make it easy to figure out which movies are free, most of which I have already seen, and the majority of movies they charge for.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

From: Trout, Larry R


I disagree, John.

I think you may just have trouble finding shows and movies for some reason.

I believe Amazon is slightly lower selection/quality than Netflix, but  T.V. Shows are very good.

I am rewatching all seasons of the new Dr. who with my kids. I liked the Tudors, Justified, American horror story, Falling Skies, arrested developments, etc.

Even if you never use the streaming or kindle books, the free two day shipping is very good.


RE: Amazon Prime?

I have Amazon Prime because they discounted it down to $59 late last year.


The video selection is so bad that I don’t use it. 


I just signed up for Netflix streaming.


The free 2 day shipping is nice.   It makes buy from Amazon more often.



Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Croods * * * 1/2

A prehistoric family of (presumably) Neanderthals, the Croods, find their isolated existence of hiding from predators threatened by continental separation that destroys their cave.  They begrudgingly follow a young homo sapien, Guy, who offers to guide them on a long journey to safety.  Guy introduces them to new concepts, such as fire and shoes.  Father Crood hates Guy and is resistant to change, but along the way the Crood family learns that they can adapt and bond better as a family.

This is a relatively simple story that is just sentimental, funny, and different enough to make it a little more enjoyable than the average movie.

I am more impressed by the quality of the computer 3D animation by Dreamworks Animation, which is one of the most detailed I have seen.  The Croods seem to live in the land that evolution forgot.  They are surrounded by a large variety of weird creatures, most of which I am sure that never existed.  Nevertheless, this makes for a visually interesting movie.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who is the actor?

Quick quiz:: Who is the "king" in this movie? Although it doesn't
say, I recognized the actor immediately. I am a big fan...