Saturday, April 27, 2019

11 years of Marvel movies.

Suppose you wanted to catch up on the Marvel movies but didn't necessarily want to watch all 22 of them so as to see the great Avengers Infinity War and its pretty good sequel Avengers Endgame? Not all the movies were of equal quality so you could skip a few.

The bare minimum that I think you could watch are:

1. Iron Man.
2. Thor.
3. Captain America.
4. Avengers. (The 2nd one was better, but it is optional.)
5. Guardians of the Galaxy. (The 2nd one was also better, but optional.)
6. Dr. Strange.
7. Black Panther.

And then finally...
8. Avengers Infinity War
9. Captain Marvel.
10. Avengers Endgame.

I didn't like either Ant-Man movie, nor did I think much of the Spiderman movie.

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