Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Nut Job

With so many incredible animated films having been produced, it makes sense that there would be a few that aren't great films but still entertaining to watch.  The Nut Job is one of these films.  It is not a very deep movie, nor does it have the best animation, but it has a story that I enjoyed and one that would certainly appeal to kids.  I think that the 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is unfortunate because it is a better film than that.  I think that audiences and critics are so accustomed to great animated movies that they weren't willing to give it a fair chance.
A selfish squirrel named Surly, and his rat partner Buddy, plan on robbing a Nut Shop.  It turns out that the shop is a front for gangsters who plan on robbing the bank next door.  Mayhem is inevitable, but along the way Surly learns to be less selfish.

Rating:  * * *

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