Sunday, November 23, 2014

Star Trek - Insurrecton

I can remember every movie I ever saw in some detail.  Almost.  While thinking about the Star Trek films, it bothered me that I couldn't remember much about the 9nth film in the series.  This bothered me so much that I decided to watch it again.  Now I understand why I didn't remember much about this movie; The film is instantly forgettable, and is at best about the same quality as an average episode of the Star Trek The Next Generation series that the film is based on.  Overall, it feels like a half hearted effort, and I expect more from a major motion picture.

It is not that the film doesn't have its moments, but the movie alternates between interesting and dull.  It is not a bad movie, but it is not a particularly good one either.

The special effects aren't that special, but might have been O.K. for 1998.  

The story is one where Picard decides to go against orders to protect a small colony on a planet that is being forced to relocate because of their natural resources that could potentially lengthen the lives of billions of people.  Picard sides with the colonists, but I wonder about the moral question; Inconveniencing 600 people to help billions of other people doesn't seem like a very hard choice to make.

If you are curious, the trailer has most of the best parts of the film.  In fact, it pretty much gives away the whole story.

Jonathan Frakes, who plays William Riker in the TV series and the movie, directed the film and continues to work as a director.

Rating:  * *

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