Friday, July 28, 2023

Can Star Wars fans agree to disagree?

All excellent points.

I will swear to my dying breath that The Last Jedi was entertaining because I found it entertaining every time I watched it. Despite the flaws, I think that there is a pretty good story there.

I also found The Rise of Crapwalker entertaining, but it seemed illogical and it ruined the cannon. I had high expectations and was let down. Therefore, if you don't like The Last Jedi for the same reasons, I understand, but I don't agree.

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John Coffey

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Star Wars isn't dead, but there could be more very dark times for it in the near future... - YouTube

I fall into the category of enjoying some of Disney Star Wars but not all of it.  In my case, I have enjoyed most of it.

I don't think that there is a category of people who are afraid to criticize Star Wars.  If anything, the vast majority of fans go to the opposite extreme.  I feel like Star Wars fans are too nitpicky and will reject an entire movie because it is not what they personally wanted.

Most of Disney Star Wars has been pretty entertaining despite a few flaws.  I am one of the few who loved The Last Jedi.  I know that there is some cringe-worthy dialogue, but most of it is brief.  I wasn't put off because of Luke, because it is not my story to tell, and Lucasfilm can tell whatever story they want.  Despite the problems, all of which I think are minor, the story is still very good.

Likewise, I think that Kenobi is a good show.  The production quality falls short of Andor, but this is Star Wars on TV.  I have lower expectations for television programs, and regardless of whatever flaws it has logically, it is entertaining.  People would not make the same complaints about an animated series, so I hold Kenobi to the standard of the TV shows that came before it, and not the movies.

For me, The Rise of Crapwalker was a bridge too far with the entire Palpatine plot.  Bringing Palpatine back diminishes the ending of Return of the Jedi because it makes Vader's sacrifice much less meaningful.  I have to admit that the movie is entertaining, but the film is a logical dumpster fire.

I had hoped that The Rise of Skywalker would finish the series in a good way and to some extent redeem The Last Jedi by continuing its story logically, but instead, the movie showed that Lucasfilm had no grand plan in the making of these movies.

Many people have praised Solo, but I found none of the characters likable, so the movie didn't work for me.  It is barely passable as entertainment.  I will probably watch it again, but it feels like an average space movie and I expect more from a Star Wars film.