Thursday, August 22, 2013

RE: Iron Man III (* * *)

From: Robert


I used to like Robert Downey Jr. in movies and his characters he plays.  But since he has taken on the Iron Man character, I can’t stand him anymore.  I still like Robert, I just can’t stand Iron Man the character.



From: Larry


  I disagree. I traditionally liked Robert Downey Jr in most of his roles. (My wife and I liked Heart and Souls, a lot).Then he had various problems outside of his acting career. I felt sad for such a talented person.

  I read a lot of Iron man as a kid and loved the character.I was amazed how the rich, narcissistic, reckless,fun,talented, playboy character of Tony Stark meshed with Robert Downey Jr’s real life and acting abilities. To me, there is no better person in Hollywood, to play this role, and I am happy Iron man is having such great success, and that they keep making more.



From: Robert


I’m more NOT a fan of the entire comic book adventure movie genre as a whole, Iron Man, Super Man, Bat Man,  Spider Man, X-Men, etc.  They seem to be big on action but severely limited in depth and plot.  I’m usually board when I get out and wondered why I even spent the time.   I missed out on comic books when I was growing up so I don’t have the connection that most everyone else has with them.   If I had read comic books as a kid I might be more interested.


It’s always fun to see latest incarnations of a story line that I’m familiar with.  Fond memories from childhood.  They could keep making Star Trek movies and no matter how bad they got I would probably go see them first run. 


I don’t have this connection with comic books.  I think this is the root cause of why I  don’t care for Iron Man.


From: John


I didn’t read a lot of comic books as a kid, although I did watch a limited amount of super hero cartoons on TV.   I don’t think that I had much interest in comic book characters until the first Superman movie came out.  At this point I started to enjoy super hero movies like I would any action film.


Prior to Star Wars, science fiction movies in general had a bad reputation.  One  movie changed everything.


Iron Man III (* * *)

The main problem that I had with Iron Man III is that most of the entertainment value comes from all too frequent over the top action sequences.  There is some character development that is interesting, but this feels more like a sideshow squeezed between one battle after another.