Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful * * *

Oscar "Oz" Diggs is a small time magician and part time con man working in a traveling circus.  He dreams of becoming a great man.  He inadvertently flies a hot air balloon to Oz where he is greeted as the prophesied wizard savior.  He schemes to work this to his advantage until he learns that he must battle the evil witch.  Promised a fortune in gold, he decides to battle the witch even though he has no real power.

Oz The Great and Powerful is the kind of movie that creates huge expectations, falls way short, but barely manages to entertain anyway.  The movie is visually impressive, but the story feels like great opportunity missed.  Given that this is the 11nth most expensive movie ever made, I think that they should have worked the story more.  (What would George Lucas have done with this film?  It would have been fantastic beyond belief.)

What made the biggest impression on me was the little girl made of "china".

She is damaged and the "wizard" uses glue to fix her which allows her to walk again.  This bookends a scene from the beginning of the movie where a girl in a wheelchair (played by the same actress) asks the magician to help her walk again and he is exposed as a fraud.

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