Friday, September 24, 2010

FW: Great movie but hard to watch.



From: Witmer, Robert C.


I put all the movies on my Netflix queue that get an Oscar nomination.  Sometimes I get the movies much later and forget why I thought I wanted to see them. 


The 2009 film “The Messenger” starring Woody Harrelson nominated for Best Supporting Actor is a movie I got the other day.  I remembered the subject matter and I watched it.  I’m glad I watched it.  It’s about the Military’s Casualty Notification teams that go to people’s homes and notify them that their soldier relative has been killed.  The reactions that people have when they are notified are very heart pounding moments.  Those scenes are hard to watch.


Here is a wiki page about the film:

Here is Ebert’s review:


Bob Witmer


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