Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Presented for your consideration:  A man driving in a car with a hands free cell phone so that he can talk to various people.  Amazingly, this is the entire movie.  This reminds me of Lebanon where the entire movie was shot inside a tank.  However, this is a much better movie.  What makes this movie great is that the man is driving urgently toward a purpose that is a dark secret.  He has left behind a lot of details that he needs to clean up and he tries to do that by phone.  Although he is able to deal with some of these details, the phone conversations reveal that his life is falling apart because of one mistake he made.  His ultimate goal is to do the right thing even if that costs him everything, which it does.
This is a brave movie to spend 90 minutes with just one actor inside a car, but it works.  It works really well.
Rating:  * * * .5

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