Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Dangerous Method. (B+)

A Dangerous Method is the story of psychoanalyst pioneer Carl Jung, his affair with a patient who would later become a psychoanalyst herself, and his rivalry with Sigmond Freud.  This movie works on so many levels ...

1.  A lurid love affair.  Seems that everyone in this movie is interested in sex.  Freud studies it and everyone else has it.  The movie is not very graphic, no more than say "Titanic", and probably should have been rated PG-13 were it not for one naughty word.

2.  An insightful history lesson about early psychoanalysis.

3.  An extremely well acted and beautifully filmed period piece.  I really like how well the actors portray these characters.  Jung is frequently conflicted but subtly so.  Freud seems determined to maintain some sort of superiority.  

Near the end the movie seems to slow down a bit.  I thought that maybe it was becoming too much of soap opera, but everything up to that point I found deeply fascinating.  If you have no interest in history nor psychoanalysis then you might get a little bored.  

Best wishes,

John Coffey


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