Wednesday, September 20, 2023

What did Ahsoka know about Anakin | Why we still watch Star Wars?

I will swear to my dying breath that The Last Jedi is an entertaining movie because I found it entertaining. In the same way, I find the Ahsoka series entertaining despite some of my friends saying it is stupid and boring. (Having watched The Clone Wars and Rebels, I am more invested in these characters than they are.)

The Last Jedi has some brief cringe-worthy dialog, but this didn't bother me because the story overall is pretty good. 

I think that the problem with The Last Jedi for most people is the image of Luke as a lightsaber-holding madman about to kill his nephew. However, this image was from Kylo-Ren's perspective. We get a milder version of Luke from his own perspective. This follows the Rashomon idea of telling the same story from different perspectives. 

 Maybe people who hate The Last Jedi after just one viewing would hate it less after watching it a second time.

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