Thursday, September 15, 2022

Willow 1988


When I saw the movie Willow 34 years ago, it felt inspired.  Many people like me remember loving the film.  Never mind the slightly negative reviews, this was like a retelling of the Star Wars story in a mythical setting, where an evil sorcerer's obsession with a child leads to her undoing.  

The film was a great success for Warwick Davis who played the eponymous character Willow.  He previously played Wicket as a 11-year-old in Return of The Jedi.  He went from being an anonymous extra in a major film to the star of his own movie.  He has since played many characters in Star Wars and other movies and has made a career out of his fame, appearing in all sorts of shows and conventions.

However, 34 years later the movie doesn't feel inspired at all.  It is dated and unoriginal.  It has its moments, but the film is a little slow and too low-budget.  What charm there once was has been lost to time as far better films have come out.

But there is quite possibly a happy ending to this story.  A new Willow TV series is coming out on Disney+ on November 30th.  Let's hope that it redeems the Willow franchise if you can call it that.

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