Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mega Mind * * *

Not long ago, there was a time when every 3D animated film was a rare and special event. Like Shrek. That is because 3D animated films cost a $100 million to make (Final Fantasy cost $200 million), so special attention was paid to things like characters and plot. But these days it seems that we are flooded with animated films, many of which feel routine.  Because animated films are in such demand right now, it is profitable to make movies that are just O.K

Mega Mind feels like a cartoon comedy, and it is, but for what they spent on this movie, I expected more. I read that it cost $150 million to make, and it really does look terrific, but the story feels close to "Despicable Me", which is another animated comedy that failed to blow me away. These two movies are good, but the stories are nothing special, and the movies are even a little silly at times.

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