Sunday, January 9, 2011

Air Force One (* * *)

Is the movie Air Force One slightly corny and clichéd?  In a few places, but it never misses a beat as a good action picture.  Roger Ebert thinks that the whole film is recycled from other movies.  That could be true, but I haven't seen all the movies Mr. Ebert has.  For me, the movie worked because the pace never let up.  There is always something entertaining on the screen.

The theme song is also a little corny, but in a patriotic sort of way.  Listen to it here.   This is the kind of song good enough to replace "Hail to the Chief."  I think that it sounds a little bit like a Star Trek theme, and in fact it was written by Jerry Goldsmith who also wrote the theme to Star Trek Voyager.  Someone on youtube noticed the similarity and made this video.

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