Friday, July 12, 2013

RE: Amazon Prime?

It seems to me that mostly what is free is TV shows, and not all of them are free.  They want to charge for some of them.  I have seen a limited selection of movies, but their service doesn’t make it easy to figure out which movies are free, most of which I have already seen, and the majority of movies they charge for.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

From: Trout, Larry R


I disagree, John.

I think you may just have trouble finding shows and movies for some reason.

I believe Amazon is slightly lower selection/quality than Netflix, but  T.V. Shows are very good.

I am rewatching all seasons of the new Dr. who with my kids. I liked the Tudors, Justified, American horror story, Falling Skies, arrested developments, etc.

Even if you never use the streaming or kindle books, the free two day shipping is very good.


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