Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Muppets (Rating: M for Muppet)

Disney The Muppets is about the silliest movie I have seen in long time.  What was I thinking?  However, the movie is smart to play it this way, because it pokes fun at The Muppets with a lot of inside jokes, recognizing that The Muppets might be a little past their prime.  At one point when things aren't going well, Amy Adams says "This is going to be a really short movie."

I started to feel a little nervous when the opening sequence was a happy street song and dance number in Smalltown, USA.  The movie is full of happy song and dance numbers.  It lacks any pretense of seriousness, but there is something infectious about its zaniness.  It is suppose to be silly, but I kind of miss the original Muppet Movie which was much more subtle, deeper, and had soul.   This film is like a echo; It reminds us of the things that we like, but it is not as good as the original.

The plot is a simple one about trying to revive the old The Muppet Show.  If you didn't like The Muppet Show, then you won't like this movie.  However, I have fond memories of The Muppet Show, so I enjoyed this movie for the same reasons.  Somehow the story is just barely strong enough to carry the picture.

The movie introduces a new character, named Walter, who is an underdog that idealizes The Muppets.   

There are a ton of cameo's in this film, the most significant of which is Mickey Rooney.  The man is 91 years old and doesn't look bad.  Maybe he is letting us know that he is not dead yet.

The Muppet Movie finished the end credits with a surprise and was maybe the first movie to do so.   Many other movies have since imitated this.  I was disappointed that this film didn't do the same.

Check out the trailer here.

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