Monday, April 30, 2012

Netflix streaming catalog?

I have the same problem…


From: Robert


Is there a place you can look that lists what currently is in the Netflix streaming catalog?


I’m not interested in scrolling in their interface.  I want to see a list that I can browse by title or search.  Is the list a secret from the competition (Apple)?  You don’t know if something is available until you go look for it and see if it is or not?  And that’s only after you signed up for the service?


I wanted to watch Titanic over the weekend but couldn’t figure out if it was in the streaming catalog or not.  I got indicators that it was, but since I dropped streaming long ago I could not see what was in the catalog.  Well my streaming is now active and I see that Titanic is not in the streaming catalog.   PHFFT!


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