Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn (Rating: B)

The Adventures of Tintin is an 83 year old comic strip that I never heard of.  As a movie it is a wild ride.  This is very action packed movie.  About two thirds of the way through the movie I found myself wondering why Tintin would continue to risk his life to solve "The Secret of the Unicorn" when he would profit nothing from it and could just walk away.  Never mind.  It is an adventure!

 The movie looks so realistic that you have to pay close attention to see that it is animated.  This movie looks really good.  The level of detail is beyond anything I have seen before in an animated film.  There is a ton of detail that just flies by.

Occasionally the movie gets a touch silly just to remind us that the source material came from the comic pages.  This is probably a kids film but I think that adults will enjoy it too.

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