Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why the First 'Star Wars' Is Still the Best 'Star Wars'

- I disagree. I think that The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie
I have ever seen. The last 40 to 50% of "Star Wars" is nothing but
action making it more video game like, and therefore it explores the
characters less. It does do a great job of exploring the characters
in the first half, but the movie starts out slow; it takes 15 minutes
before we even meet the main character, Luke. We are half an hour
into the movie before Luke decides to leave Tatooine.

The Empire Strikes Back is a little slow in middle when Luke is
training with Yoda on Degoba, but it is a necessary part of the
character development leading up to the confrontation between Luke and
Darth Vader. Everything else in the movie is rich with action, but
that action in most scenes seems to exist for the purpose of revealing
more about the characters. This makes the movie high art.

(IMHO the few extra special effects that Lucas added in 1997 only
serve as a distraction from the original movie.)

Both movies will still be around a hundred years after they were made.

Speaking of which, we are not that far off from the hundredth
anniversary of Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights". Although not great by
modern standards, it certainly was great when it came out. It is my
favorite silent film.

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