Monday, October 27, 2014


I have wanted to see this movie ever since it got favorable reviews back in 2008.  However, it is not quite as good of  movie as I hoped it would be, as it pales by comparison with every film Pixar ever made, but it is entertaining and sentimental enough to make me glad I saw it.

The movie starts with a ridiculous premise that the producers of doggy action TV show don't want their star to know that his adventures are fake.  Bolt, the dog, thinks that he is a super hero with super powers.  Bolt believes that he must protect his human, a young girl name Penny, from the forces of evil.  When he accidentally gets shipped to New York, he embarks on a cross country trip to save Penny.  

You would think that this would lead to some great comic moments, but really only mild ones.  Once I got over the silly premise, the movie worked for me as part sentimental drama, part adventure, part comedy, and part road trip.  The movie is a mixture of elements that by themselves would not be enough to carry the picture, but when combined make the movie work.  

The animation impressed me as we can see every hair on Bolt's body and the cross country trip includes enough eye candy to allow us to enjoy the ride.  The animation helped draw me into the story.

Rating:  * * *

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