Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kathleen Kennedy Betrayed George Lucas & Star Wars Fans

Imagine that it is your job to entertain other people.  I would think that such a job would be maddening and ego busting.  You could spend 2 or 3 years working on something and then a bunch of people could just say that it is terrible and call you names.  Granted many things are terrible, but I don't think that The Last Jedi falls into that category.

There are things in The Last Jedi I think could have been done better.   The plot holes and logical inconsistencies are too numerous to mention.  

Many people who have criticized this movie have said that the first time they saw it they were entertained, but either they changed their mind after they thought about it, or they didn't like it on the second or third viewing.  I have an issue with people saying the movie is bad based upon this line of reasoning.  I can think of a ton of movies that I enjoyed once but would not want to see a second time.  Although The Last Jedi is logically flawed to the extreme, it has a story and aesthetic quality that I think is good.  If people admit that they were entertained when they initially saw the movie, then how can they say the movie is terrible?

I think that the real issue is that people saw something in the film they didn't like and so they rejected the entire movie based on that.  Although the Social Justice Warrior messages are annoying, these are a relatively small part of the movie, so I think that the issue people are most upset about is Luke's arc.  In other words, the movie didn't give people the story they wanted.  It wasn't the story I wanted either, but I still thought it was entertaining.

Unlike every other Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi failed to entertain me past two viewings.  I think that this is another reason people are upset:  It is just not as good as the other Star Wars movies for a variety of reasons, including a number of logical problems.  However, if I enjoyed it at least once, which I did because I enjoyed it twice, I am going to claim that it is a good movie.

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John Coffey

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